Revision 5

Шести разред (Трећи домаћи задатак, рок 10.04.)

Welcome again. Let’s revise unit 5 together! 🙂


Created by Teodora Gmijović VI1


  1. Do these exercises/Урадити вежбице које ћете преузети⇒ : Revision Unit 5 
  2. Do Revision 5 in the workbook, exercises A, B, C and D/Урадити вежбања са стране Revision 5 у радној свесци, вежбе А,Б, Ц и Д.

Homework deadline: April, 10th

Please, respect the deadline! 🙂

Have fun with past tense

Learning tenses in English doesn’t have to be a big deal if you know how to have fun while doing it. 🙂

Here is a good example how you can remember irregular verbs without having to learn them by heart. Have fun and make your own irregular verbs chart.

Or you can simply cut out phrases and verbs and enjoy practising with your classmates or friends at home.